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Sync Email Signatures?

How Do I Sync Email Signatures Between My iMac and MacBook Pro?

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    8 years ago

    You can't. At least that isn't part of the functionality of the email apps.
    So you have to come up with your own solution. It depends on just how many signatures you have. If you are like me and just have one, then it is pretty simple to just create that same signature on both.
    If you have many, for whatever reason, but don't change them, then I would just copy them into a simple document, and paste them into the signatures on your other Mac. Then you are set.
    But if you have many and change them often, then there is no great solution.
    I've heard of people trying to use Mac Finder aliases to store the folder with the signatures in it (~/Library/Mail/V4/MailData/Signatures) in a cloud folder like iCloud Drive or Dropbox, so that it syncs across devices. I'm not sure that works, I've never tried it.
    Perhaps a better solution if you need a lot of signatures that change all of the time is to use something like TextExpander to let you insert text where needed when needed.

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