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Sync Specific Folders with iDisk

After watching Gary’s current video on syncing files with iDisk I would like to know if you can just sync specific files or do you have to sync all of your user files?

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    9 years ago

    iDisk Sync works with the files you place in your iDisk folders. So you choose what you want to sync by placing those files on your iDisk instead of in your regular user folder.
    So /Users/username/* files are not synced, they are local and only exist on your drive.
    /idiskusername/* files are synced — they exist on your Macs and in the cloud on the iDisk server.

    9 years ago

    Thanks Gary. I’ll give this a try. This is exactly what I need to keep three mac’s in sync. Watching your podcast has enlightened me on many useful tips that I would have never found myself. Keep up the good work

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