Forum Question: Syncing a Flash Memory to a folder on my mac

Hi Gary, I’ve been watching your podcast since the very beginning and I find it very useful, first of all, thanks a lot for doing this show.

I’ve been wandering if there might be a way to sync a flash memory, let’s say a regular 2 Gigs Sandisk memory with a folder. Imagine I have a flash memory that I use at the office and at home and I have a folder that contains the same files as the flash memory, there might be some files that I am gonna be using in both places, so let’s say I modify a Word file at the office (this might be on a PC, in my case, I have a PC at work) and when I go back home I put the flash memory on my mac and automatically detects the files that have being modified and updates the file on the folder on the mac.

I’ve been using backup tools to save my HDD files into an external hard drive, they automatically sync the files and if I modify the file on my mac the file is modified on the external HD, but I haven’t figure out a way to do the same backwards, modifing the flash memory and use the mac as a backup tool.

Ahh of course, if I modify the word file on the mac, the logical way might be that the flash memory detects the most updated file lies on the mac and updates the flash memory.

So, Is there a way, a program, or a piece of software so I can do this?

Thank you very much for your help, and congratulations for your show.

— F. Sanchez

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    3/4/10 @ 9:43 pm

    The problem is that you need 2 programs to keep things in sync — one for the Mac end, and one for the PC end. I’ve seen this done on the Mac end with just an Automator script. But I’m not sure what is available on the PC end.
    Instead of a USB drive, how about using something like DropBox to do this? It does exactly this, just over the Internet.

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