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Syncing Audio Books to iPhone

I have a question about audio books in iTunes. I don’t see anywhere that I can choose which ones I want to sync on my iPhone. They are all being synced and I only want to one I am listening too. Can you please help me out. Thanks a bunch.


— Phil Paxman

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    10 years ago

    Audiobooks are handled under the “music” tab in iTunes. You can do this in a variety of ways. For instance, create a playlist with only the audiobooks you want to sync. Choose the audiobooks from the “Artists” selection in the Music tab. In the summary tab, you can choose to “Sync only checked songs and videos.” Or, you can choose to “Manually Manage Music and Videos” in the summery tab as well.

    10 years ago

    We downloaded some of our audiobooks on cd to our computer to put them on our iphones. The weird thing is the iphone will not play them in order. It shuffles the tracks and the iphone is not on shuffle. How do we get these tracks to go in order?

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