Forum Question: Syncing iPhoto project(ie book) to iPhone can this be done?

Hi! I made a photo book on iPhoto for relatives. I love that I can run it as a slideshow with music on my mac and would love to be able to do this on my iPhone. Is this possible? It is not just a matter of uploading the photos , I can do that. It is the formatting (multiple photos per page plus text.)


— Jennifer valerio

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    12/21/09 @ 8:25 am

    One way is to export the book as a PDF. You can do that from iPhoto as another option. Then use a file transfer tool, like iDisk with MobileMe, or Dropbox or Air Sharing apps, and transfer that PDF to your iPhone. You can then view it in those apps. But it won’t play as a slideshow, it will be more like a printed book.
    You can also select the book and choose File, Export and save it as a .mov file that you can then load into the iPhone via iTunes like any other video.

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