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Syncing iTunes Podcast data?

I know this has to be a common question, but I can never find a definitive answer. I have both an iMac and a Macbook Pro. The iMac gets all the use when I’m at home, and the MBP when I travel (frequently). I’m subscribed to about 20 video podcasts, and downloading the same podcast twice is a waste of both time and bandwidth. Right now, I rely on simply downloading everything on my iMac, and disabling everything for my MBP, but still downloading select episodes manually that are interesting. Surely there is a more elegant way to do this. What I’d like to do is somehow sync viewed/not-viewed data between iTunes so podcasts already viewed are simply not downloaded (or marked as viewed if already on my Mac).
I do use Homesharing in iTunes 9 to sync new Music and Apps I download, but syncing Podcasts this way doesn’t really work properly. Even if I sync, say, Macmost 386 from my iMac to my MBP and watch it, my MBP will still download Macmost 386 given the opportunity and tag it a not viewed. Plus this method relies on a local network connection, and I’m picturing a more cloud-oriented method.

I’m both a MobileMe and Dropbox subscriber FWIW.

— Ignignokt

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    10 years ago

    I’ve just done this before by subscribing to the podcasts on both computers. Sure it is a waste of bandwidth, but I could never find a better way.

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