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Syncing MacBook Pro / iPhone / iMac

I love my MacBook Pro (purchased new in Oct 09, 2.53, Snow Leopard 10.6.2) and my iPhone.
They seamlessly work together. Add or change a contact in Address Book and the change magically appears on my iPhone. Same for iCal and Mail.
Here is question #1:
If I add an iMac to this equation, will the syncing still be as magic between all three devises?
Here is question #2:
Is there going to be a way to sync the MBP and the iMac document wise as well?
I.e. Create a new document on the iMac and have it also appear on the MBP and keep track of (sync) ongoing changes to those documents?
Here is question #3:
I use Time Machine and wirelessly backup to my Time Capsule. Will I be able to backup both the MBP and the iMac using my 1TB Time Capsule? PS my data storage requirements are minimal.
Thanks, Larry

— Larry

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    11 years ago

    #1 — Depends on whether you use MobileMe or not. A big part of MobileMe is doing exactly this. Contacts and calendar are kept in sync between Macs and iPhones using the same MobileMe account. In fact, it gets better as this happens without even physically syncing your iPhone.
    #2 — The way to do this is to store those files on one Mac or the other and access them from there. Or, store them in a central location like a drive attached to your TC or an iDisk (MobileMe) or DropBox. Having two copies of the file and always having to worry about which one is the up-to-date one is a pain and can lead to problems. You want one copy of the file and the ability to access it from anywhere.
    #3 — Yes.

    10 years ago

    I have a MacBook Pro and just got an iMac. I’d like to have them networked and synced – is there anyway to do this? And how do I best transfer the contents and programs from the MacBook to the iMac so that everything still works.

      10 years ago

      Networked? Yes. But synced? That really depends on what you expect. What information do you want synced and why? Syncing it non-trivial, especially since you have at least one of those Macs that won’t always be on and connected. How will those Macs resolve the conflicts between updated files? It isn’t easy.
      Consider instead accessing the files over the network or using a shared space like your iDisk or DropBox.
      For for applications, just go back to the installers and install them on the new Mac — but some software licenses (most?) are for one computer only.

    Terry Woolf
    9 years ago

    I woud like to be able to sync just the contacts list and calendars between my Iphone, mac book pro and Imac. so they all have the same info , How do I do that

      9 years ago

      Use iCloud. That is one of its primary functions.

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