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We currently have a MacBook at home, as I was thinking about adding another one soon. I was wondering how I could keep most things synced, like files, iPhoto, iTunes, and a could other things.

I’d love to have the same media and files on both computers, so I don’t have to pick and choose which computer to use or take out of the house.

Are there any hints? I currently use Time Capsule, so I can make them identical upon delivery of the new computer, but I don’t know what to do after that.

— Joe G.

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    11/4/09 @ 1:40 pm

    The key is to not sync at all. Instead, share. It sounds good having a copy of each file on each computer, but that means you have duplicates of all of your files. Even if you figure out a perfect sync solution, it would only work as long as networking is working, which wouldn’t be the case if you remove a MacBook from the house. It could become a nightmare.
    But Macs can share files easily. So if you have a file on one computer and you want to access from another, you can. You can also place files “in the cloud” such as a MobileMe iDisk.

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