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Why Do I Get a Photo Library When I Sync To My iPhone?

Hi – wondering if you could tell me why everytime I sync my iPhone to iTunes (or vice versus) that I always get a photo album, labeled “Photo Library” even when I don’t want it or even see that album in iPhoto? The only way this album and some others don’t sync is when I choose to not include any photos at all. Is there something that I can do to either eliminate this album or keep it from always downloading. Thanks for your time, Gary.
George Kahler

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    11 years ago

    This is a common misunderstanding.
    The"Photo Library" is a list of all of the photos you have synced to your iPhone.
    Say you sync two albums. Album A has pictures 1 to 10. Album B has pictures 11-30. You now have three ways to view your photos: Album A, Album B and Photo Library. The last is just a list of all of your photos.
    Each photo is only there once, but you have the option to view them inside each album, or in the whole list of all of your photos.
    Think about songs in iTunes. You can view just the songs on an album, but you can also view all of the songs in your library in one list. Photo Library is just like viewing all of your songs.

      10 years ago

      Thank you for the logical explanation!

    11 years ago

    I understand what you're saying. However, the Photo Library now contains photos that have never been synced to the iPhone or the iPod touch before it. So I guess there is no way to clean that album up? Thanks for your help.

      11 years ago

      The Photo Library only contains photos you have set to sync. In iTunes on your Mac or PC you can set which photos get synced to the iPhone. There are many options, like specific albums, events, or events during the last X months, etc. Those settings completely determine which ones get synced. So pay close attention to them.

    11 years ago

    Thanks for the explanation Gary, now i got the answer for my doubts.

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