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I recently made the switch to Mac and honestly I’m happy, but the learning curve has been steep.
Most recently, I’ve wanted to start uploading videos to one of my blogs and it seems no matter what I do the videos are NOT very clear or sharp.
The site is
You can see the videos that I do have on there are not very crisp.
The most recent video is just not at the quality I want or need.
I really don’t want to have to purchase a high-dollar video editing software. I know there has to be a setting in IMovie that will produce a quality video without looking amateurish.
The dimensions for the video are 480 X 360 as that is all that will fit in that theme.
Also, I’m using S3Flowshield for the video player even though I do not have an AmazonS3 account. I love the plugin as it has a lot of versatility.
If anyone knows the “Secret Method” to exporting videos in IMovie please post the answer here and spare no details as there are a lot of small steps or options when exporting videos.

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    5/26/11 @ 2:14 pm

    Since you are using a custom video player, it is hard to say. I’m not sure what this S3Flowshield expects. Does it come with any help or documentation about what the best thing to use is? Usually, if it were YouTube, you would export in the highest quality you could. Then let YouTube handle the conversion. But if this video player is expecting something, then you have to abide by its rules.
    If it wants h264 mp4 files, for instance, then you would normally set a bitrate for a h264 video — like 1000kbps or some such. The higher the number the better the quality. But the slower the download.
    You could always try exporting from iMovie at the highest quality (and largest dimensions) and then use MPEG Streamclip to re-compress the movie at various settings, like 480×360 h264 with 1000kbps. Then try 1500kbps, etc. Until you get something you like.

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