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The Risks of Using Social Networking Sites

As a subscriber to your podcasts, I enjoy most of your articles. I have found that many people talk about how to get things working with Social Networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and even photo sharing sites like your recent podcast on Flickr.
As an employee of a Government Contractor, we constantly hear from our security group about the dangers of using Social Networking sites.
I would love to have you cover many of the risks involved in using these sites. Things to avoid doing on them. Understanding that when posting items on a site like this, that it doesn’t necessarily just go out to a few people of your closest friends. Things like, how long an item stays on the site.
There is so much information that could be covered here that you could probably take a week of podcasts to talk about the topic and still not cover everything.
DJ Coster

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    10 years ago

    Thanks for the suggestions. I’ve done a few things in the past, but mostly dealing with the extreme security things (like using secure passwords) and not so much in the realm of what you are talking about.
    I don’t feel I’m an expert enough in that subject, and it is probably too far away from MacMost’s core topic: Apple technology.
    Feel free to mention some of the dangers and safety measures you use here on this page though. Maybe a discussion here would be better than my once voice “covering” the topic anyway.
    As for me, am not a very private person and I even play FourSquare. I keep my personal Facebook friends limited to only actual friends and family, and use the MacMost Facebook page to reach out beyond that. But that is more because I want to separate those groups. Not all of my friends want to hear about everything MacMost does, and I’m certain that the MacMost audience doesn’t care about what is going on among my friends. So it really isn’t a security thing, just a social dynamic thing.
    What security measures do you take and why?

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