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Gary, my primary computing tool is an iMac that has a wireless keyboard and mouse attached. Given that Lion seems to emphasize the use of gestures, will “Scroll Bars” become an “option” when I install Lion? The use of gestures is not totally foreign to me because I Also have an iPad & iPhone. I suppose I should invest in a Wireless Trackpad just prior to installing Lion.

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    6/19/11 @ 11:34 am

    Do you have the Magic Mouse? Or some sort of wireless mouse from before the Magic Mouse?
    If you have a Magic Mouse, it appears that most (all?) of the gestures will be supported using the touch surface of the mouse. Hard to say until Lion comes out, but that makes sense.
    At this page at the Apple site, it shows the Magic Mouse right next to the Magic Trackpad (at the bottom):
    I’d hold off until you get Lion and see how well it works with your Magic Mouse before moving to a Magic Trackpad.
    Scroll bars are supposed to be present to “when you need them.” So I’m guessing that moving your cursor to the right side of a window will make them appear, or perhaps Lion realizes that you don’t have multi-touch ability and puts them there.

    Dean smith
    7/22/11 @ 4:19 pm

    Hi gary I’ve got lion now do u know how to change the scrolling back to the old way like it was before i can’t seem to change it.I can’t get use to down on the magic mouse moving the screen up i want it back the old way it works good on the iPad but don’t like it on the iMac cheers hope to heard from u soon.amazing website and videos gary.

      7/22/11 @ 4:26 pm

      In the System Preferences, under Mouse and/or Trackpad. Look for “Scrolling Direction.”

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