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There Is No Application Set To Open the Document “winmail.dat”

There is no application set to open the document “winmail.dat.”
I have several emails asking me to print theses documents for meetings but I’m unable to open or see theses files.

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    3 years ago

    What you are seeing when you get a winmail.dat file is something (a probably misconfigured) Microsoft Exchange server is sending out. It is a wrapped around the actual file, not the file itself. The file the user wanted to send you is inside it.

    The problem really is on their end. If they are using normal modern email and everything is working right, you would just get the file. But they are either using an old client or server and it is being wrapped up into a winmail.dat file like it is still 2008 (Seriously, I did a video on this in 2008, and I haven't had this question asked of me in about 10 years --

    Back then, the answer was to get an app called TNEF's Enough. Looks like that app is still around and in the Mac App Store for free now. This should allow you to open up this wrapper file and get to the real file inside.

    But you should also let the sender know this is happening and that it could potentially be a real problem for them if they don't have their IT department take a look and fix it.

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