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Things to Consider in Buying a Battery

Hello Gary,

I had recently got a iBook G4, an upgrade from my eMac that I have had for seven years or so. The iBook is a wonderful addition to the my Mac life and I couldn’t be more satisfied. However, the only thing that the iBook needs is a new battery. After searching the internet and viewing price options on, there are a lot of directions and/or decisions that one needs to consider. Can I trust the many website that state that their product is better than Apple or is going with Apple the safest route? What should one keep in mind when purchasing a new battery for their laptop?

Thank You,


— Travis

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    11 years ago

    It is really hard to tell what you are going to get. I try to read the reviews carefully — I search Amazon and Google in general for reviews. Then you have to just take a chance.

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