Forum Question: Thumbnails not showing for new screen shots in Snapz Pro

I use a screen capture program you recommended, Snapz Pro. I have it send the captures to a certain folder which always opens in icon view. When I look at that folder in Finder, I notice that the new captures have an icon that just displays JPEG and a small logo of the Preview program (no thumbnail pic). If I edit it, in say Photoshop, then the thumbnail appears. IS this thumbnail issue not showing sound like a Snapz Pro issue or Mac Lepoard issue? I’d like the thumbnails to appear for new captures. Thanks.
Russell Winkler

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    3/2/11 @ 9:09 pm

    I know Photoshop sets the icons for files to be a small preview of the image. I think it is a function of the application, not the OS. I’m not 100% on that as so many applications seem to do it. But I’m guessing that Snapz Pro doesn’t.

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