Forum Question: Time Machine and a Second Drive

I regularly back up via time machine. But with all of the media, music, movies, audiobooks and podcast as well as adobe projects and final cut studio projects, I decided to add an external hard drive. It is a 1 Tb Western Digital. My question is, is there anyway that when I am backing up in time machine that I can also back up the new external drive possibly by linking them somehow? Time machine only backups the main HD. Thanks

— Scott A

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    12/15/09 @ 4:30 pm

    Time Machine should back up your second drive as well. I know it does mine. Check to make sure the drive didn’t get added to the list of excluded locations in your TM preferences.
    If it still isn’t working, try adding it to the list of excluded drives. Then go back into preferences later and remove it from the list.

      Scott A
      12/16/09 @ 5:48 pm

      That worked perfectly, Gary. Thanks! I totally overlooked the exclusions. Thanks for the reminder.

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