Forum Question: Time Machine and external drive??

I use one external drive for time machine to back up. Is it a bad idea to back up other files, photos etc.. on the same drive. My external drive is 1TB.

— Imacer99

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    4/6/10 @ 10:08 pm

    Where are the photos to begin with? If they are on your Mac’s drives, then they are already being backed up to Time Machine, right? So why back them up a second time? You should have Time Machine set to back up everything on your drive.
    If you have photos somewhere else, like an external drive, you can still make that part of your Time Machine backup. It will only back up when connected, of course, but it will backup unless you’ve excluded it specifically.
    Check to make sure it is backing up those external drives if that is the case.

    4/7/10 @ 12:13 am

    Gary never though photos also being backed up with time machine on my external drive. Not smart on my side. Thank you so, much for the great info. This helps.

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