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Time Machine Back Up File Types?

I’ve noticed when using a single network external drive to back up multiple Macs wirelessly to the same drive, as I currently do with my family, the file type is “bundle” and can’t really be looked inside…it’s mystery file.

But when I use time machine to back up a single mac to a single drive, the file is easily read and explored as a copy of the internal drive.

Why is the multiple back up to one drive a Bundle file when the other is not?

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    2 years ago

    A bundle is like a disk image. You shouldn't try to look inside them and definitely don't try to manipulate them, you could damage them easily. Access them using only the Time Machine interface.

    This is simply to keep the backups separate on network drives like this. Pretty smart way to handle it and nice that it does it without needing to be configured and deal with technicalities.

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