Forum Question: Time Machine Back Up To a New Hard Drive

As I have been using TM for back up, my current external HD is starting to fill up. My plan is to buy a larger external HD and use that for TM backup. The way I was planning to go about is to get a new larger HD, format it to Mac, and then copy the current TM back up file to the new drive. In that way I can free up the old HD for some other use. Is that how you would do this? Your thoughts?
Ahsan Mazumdar

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    10/25/11 @ 8:58 am

    No. I wouldn’t bother with copying, and I don’t think it would work anyway.
    I would get the new drive and then start a new backup to that new drive.
    Start fresh, in other words.
    Keep the old drive around for a few days (or weeks, or months) just in case.
    But after the first backup is done to the new drive, then you don’t really need the old one any more. For disaster recovery, at least. And hopefully not for reverting to an old file either, though you can get to it in an emergency.
    Then, when time has passed, reformat the old drive and use it for something else if you like.

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