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Time Machine Editor – not overwriting old files when destination disk is full

I have recently started using Time Machine Editor – backing up to a 1 tb external drive. the first backup went through perfectly at the time I set but any further attempts to back up are telling me that the destination drive is full. I have the standard Time Machine turned off and only TM Editor turned on – I hope someone can help me set this up so that it overwrites previous back ups when the destination drive is full….
Andrew Morgan

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    9 years ago

    I doubt this has to do with Time Machine Editor. Try running TM manually from the menu bar. Do you get the same message? Do you get prompted to delete files?
    Is the drive full, BTW? And how much bigger is the drive than the drive you are backup up? Are you trying to use the drive for anything else besides TM?

    Andrew Morgan
    9 years ago

    Thanks Gary
    I had a good look at the set up. I am using a WD 1 tb drive to back up to and my iMac is a 1tb as well. I just noticed that my machine had dropped the ext HDD off for some reason so it was an issue with the set up rather than the actual disk capacity. I just ran a manual back up using Time Machine Editor and it is working fine.

    Many thanks for this fine forum

      9 years ago

      Having a TM drive that is the same size is a bad idea. You need to have space to back up everything and have multiple copies back in time. I recommend something at least twice as big. You can get away with it, though, if your drive is less than half full. Just FYI.

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