Forum Question: Time Machine Spends A Long Time In “Indexing Backup”

I am running Mac OS X Lion on my iMac, and when I do backups to an external hard drive, the system spends an extremely long time, in the state “Indexing Backup”.
The backup on my iMac does eventually complete.
By contrast, I am also running Mac OS X Lion on my MacBook Pro and have the same kind of external hard drive, but backups on the MBP go very quickly. Granted, I have less stuff on the MBP, but when both computers were running Snow Leopard, the backups on each seemed to take about the same amount of time.
How can I diagnose what is causing this backup slowness on my iMac, and what do you recommend as a remedy?
Richard Fuhr

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    8/6/11 @ 7:59 am

    I don’t think there is any easy way to diagnose it. If it completes, though, I wouldn’t worry too much.
    How long have you had Lion? I have heard reports that it takes quite a while for Time Machine’s Spotlight function to index the backup under Lion. After that initial indexing it speeds up. Maybe your one Mac isn’t done with that yet? And the other is?

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