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Hi David,

I currently have a 20″ iMac, I currently have a Video card issue (Video Ram failure) with it and Apple is going to send me a 21.5″ iMac 3.06GHZ 4GB Ram, 500GB hard drive. My question for you is, since I have been using Time Machine, can I use this to restore my new iMac when I get it? With regards to my iTunes, I have a ton of mp3s with all the album art, will this also move over or am I going to have to go and get all the album art again?

Love the podcast you do and glad I have the Apple Care, as my iMac went out of Warranty in April.

I scanned my computer with TechTool Deluxe the other day and said I had a Video Ram Failure. I scanned it today and it shows it as fine. I have a thin black line across my screen. Once again, though Apple is replacing this iMac with a better version so I am not going to complain.

Ross Craig

— Ross Craig

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    6/2/10 @ 2:26 pm

    Unless you modified Time Machine to exclude data, it should have a backup of everything on your drive. Which means using Migration Assistant should transfer everything in the user account, including music and album art.
    You may want to do a direct Mac-to-Mac connection, though, using a Firewire cable and Firewire target mode. That would usually be faster than using Time Machine to a USB hard drive.

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