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Tips for DVD quality?

My wife documents our travels using iPhoto and iMovie, creating a DVD with iDVD and then duplicating those with Toast. She at least begins to play/test each DVD on our equipment before sending them to friends and family. But she receives quite a liberal sprinkling of emails saying, “I couldn’t get it to go past the opening screen,” or “The sound dropped out in chapter 6,” or “It stutters.”
Any tips on actions my wife should take to minimize that kind of problem on the unknown variety of equipment out there in her “fan base”?

— John Russell

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    11 years ago

    It is hard to tell why these might not be working. A major factor might be the media itself. DVD players sometimes have trouble reading DVD-writables. Some DVDs work better than others. So you might want to try to buy a different brand of higher quality DVDs. Maybe next time send a few copies on a few different brands of DVDs to the same person (one who always seems to have trouble) and see which works best.

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