Forum Question: Titles with more than 2 lines

Is there a way to add titles with more than 2 lines? I want to type ( The Dedham Car show Presented by the antique car association of Boston) the title effect i used limited me to only 2 lines.
How do i add more lines?

Peter L

— Peter Lelievre

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    9/20/10 @ 1:21 pm

    It depends on the title. I do it all the time with some of the titles. If it isn’t working with the title type you have selected, try another one.

      10/13/10 @ 1:32 pm

      This is one of the ridiculous and annoying parts about iMovie. It seems like this would be easy to make maximally flexible. Maybe someone can compile a list of the titles that let you do more than one line. Gary, can you give an example of a title that lets you do this within iMovie? Obviously you can make a title in an outside program, but it’s extra work. My guess is that the engine that animates some titles has limitations that prevent it from working with more than two lines.

        10/13/10 @ 1:58 pm

        Well the “Scrolling Credits” is the obvious one. But the one that is the most flexible is called “Upper” — you can basically fill the screen with text if you want.

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