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Hi Gary. I know that the question of weather or not you choose to protect your device with a case and/or screen protector is a very personal thing. I have owned many Apple devices and have chosen to protect them all in the past. But recently, I got rid of my iPhone 4 and iPod Touch, and decided to live “device less” for awhile. When I finally decided to repurchase, I got an iPad2 3G. I am reinvigorated, and I love it. But the form and the feel are so good, I have realized that what I was missing in the past was my true enjoyment of the form and the feel of the device. I have a simple rule – just “do not drop it, and be careful”. And I have never enjoyed an Apple product more than this iPad. Just interested in your thoughts about cases etc, and what others think about the question. Thanks.
Mike K

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    10/18/11 @ 6:31 pm

    I know what you mean. Every time I take my iPhone out of its case I like it that much more. But then back in the case it goes because I know I will drop it now and then.
    The iPad 2 is a very nice design and it is a shame to cover it up.
    So I have the same conundrum as you. I mostly use my iPad unprotected, but when I travel I put it in something.

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