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I recall being able to see the link URL when hovering over a hyperlink, either as a Tool Tip or at the bottom of the Safari Window. Not happening in Mountain Lion, and I can’t say I remember when it last worked. Is this feature gone or have I just lost track of how to do enable it?
Jerry G.

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    8/7/12 @ 11:39 am

    The tooltip thing is dependent on the web site. For instance, here at MacMost, if you go to the left sidebar you should see them when you hover over the navigation links at the top (Videos, News, Rumors, Newsletter, etc). That is because I have provided the proper HTML for a browser to use for those tooltips.
    Not sure if Safari 5 had something special where it displayed the URL for a link where there was nothing provided by the web site.
    As for the “bottom of the Safari window” — you must mean the status bar. Go to View, Show Status Bar and you can turn it on and see the URL when hovering over a standard web link.

    Jerry G
    8/7/12 @ 11:53 am


    Thanks! I had forgotten that the bottom pane was called Status Bar. The space required for that line is a small price to pay for being sure of where you are going, I think. I’ll pay more attention to having it turned on.

    I appreciate your help.

      8/7/12 @ 12:05 pm

      Indeed. Knowing where you are going prevents phishing. Note that the tooltips for URLs are still in Mail for Mountain Lion, and that’s typically where that sort of phishing attack occurs — a fake email with a link.

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