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Gary: I am preparing a 5-7 min speech for a Toastmaster meeting in January. I would like to know your top 5 or 6 reasons for why a pc user would want to switch to a Mac. I’ve used pc’s since 1981 and finally made the Mac switch in March 2009. I know my reasons for switching but wanted to hear your reasons if a pc user asked you why he should spend more money on a MAC than a pc and switch…..other than, IT WORKS!

BTW, just downloaded the MACMOST app for my iphone. Love it! One suggestion for future development is add push notification to the podcast videos when they are released.

— Lee Clayton

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    12/1/09 @ 10:04 pm

    Check out this video for some ideas:
    Even though not a week goes by that i don’t get an angry email from a Windows fan, I still stand behind all those reasons.

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