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Tracking Changes In a Pages Document?

I created a Pages document with Track Changes turned on. The deletions were shown with a strike through line. I’ve reopened the document, and now the only way to view the deletions is in the View Changes Panel. How can I show them in the document? I need to circulate paper copies of this document showing all changes.


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    4 years ago

    So typically you wouldn’t write with Track Changes turned on. You would write normally, and then use Track Changes when you hand it off to an editor to go over the document. You can have multiple editors go over it, each with their own comments, highlights, deletions, additions and changes. Then you can go through all of that and accept, reject, or make your own changes.
    If you close and open the document, that should not affect the potential changes. You should still see it. Perhaps you turned it off? Look for the gear icon next to the On and Paused at the top of the document. Click on that and you can specify what you show: Markup, Markup without Deletions, Final.

    4 years ago

    Thank you so much – Mark Up without deletions was checked, I checked Mark Up and the deletions (strike throughs) showed. You just saved me retyping a 10 page document!

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