Forum Question: Transfer Files to New iMac

I have a Mac Mini and I am looking at buying the new 27″ IMac. I wanted to know if I can transfer ALL the Movies, Podcast, and Music I purchased from the iTunes store over to the new iMac and be able to view and listen to it.

— Leonard Bryan

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    11/15/09 @ 10:23 am

    Of course. You can use Migration Assistant to do it, or restore from your Time Machine backup. Or do it manually from a network or external drive. Once you set up the new machine, you simply “authorize” that copy of iTunes with your iTunes account ID. Then it can play any DRM-protected music or video you bought on iTunes and copied over (Just remember to de-authorize your old Mac too if you plan on getting rid of it).

    1/9/11 @ 5:38 am

    We tried all of this and it tells us that the account are allready in use….?
    And we cant find the files transfered via the Migration Assistant on the receving imac?

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