Forum Question: Transfer iphone conrtent from work to home computer

Bought an iPhone and set it up at work, synching it with my work computer’s address book, email account etc. and some apps I’ve downloaded from there.
Now I want to move this library to my home computer. I’m afraid that if I connect it to itunes at home, it will sync, find nothing (no media, contacts, calendar, etc) and clear my iphone.
Want I want to do is copy the iphone content to itunes at home, so that I can sync from there from this moment on and all the iphone content I put on it at work is now transferred to itunes at home.
How do I do that without messing up the iphone content? So that my pc address book is the same as the one I synced with at work on a mac? And that all apps I bought at work are now also present at itunes at home?
Basically I want to move everything. Not just any itunes purchases I did at work, but also any media (photo, video, documents) I added mannually, my contants, email accounts, etc.
What’s THE way to do it?

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    7/17/11 @ 9:26 am

    So when you sync with your computer at home, it will erase your iPhone’s data and replace it with what you have at home.
    So simply get your computer at home set up with the data you want before the sync.
    Transfer all your contacts, calendar items and music on to the computer at home first. Then re-sync.
    I assume that both computers are using the same iTunes account? They should be. That makes it easy to re-download apps. But I believe apps will remain on the phone — they should even transfer from your phone to your computer when you sync.
    One thing you should do is a backup (regular sync) to your work computer before doing this. Then you can always restore it to that backup if something goes wrong.
    If you have MobileMe and use that to sync (NOT syncing contacts, calendars with iTunes) then nothing changes when you sync. (Same true for Exchange, or Gmail) But it sounds like you aren’t doing it that way.
    So basically get your home computer set up first with everything. Then sync. Then there will be inevitable clean-up as there will be things you’ve forgotten or that didn’t come over as you expect.
    I haven’t done this myself in a long time, and not with the current version of iOS or iTunes, so who knows what things work better and what new problems there might be.

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