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Transferring Files From PC Laptop To MacBook Pro

Just purchased the MacBook Pro 17″. Althought I’ve owned the iPad since day one, this is really my first experience with a Apple computer. How do I transfer all my files from my laptop (PC) to my MacBook Pro?
Paul Chenier

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    9 years ago

    One way is Migration Assistant. It is already on your Mac, and the PC component you can get from the Apple site:
    You can always share files over the network between the two machines and just transfer what you want, file-by-file or folder-by-folder.
    Another method is to simply use an external drive or a USB flash drive to shuttle files over.
    Apple also offers a free service where they will transfer your files for you. But I think you have to have bought your Mac from an Apple Store, and have asked for it then. But maybe not. Might be worth giving your local Apple Store a call and asking.

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