Forum Question: Trouble with Final Cut Pro v. 6.0.5

Gary, I purchased a PowerMac G5 quad 2.5 computer with Final Cut Pro v. 6.0.5 installed on it. Thank goodness, I made a clone copy of the hard drive immediately after purchasing it and keep the copy in a secure location away from the computer. My problem is that after I install additional hardware (i.e. Sonnet 2port PCIe eSATA controller card) I am asked for the registration name and serial number (which I do not have) when I try to open Final Cut Pro. All my other applications (i.e. Adobe Master Collection cs4, Pro Logic, etc.) continue to operate just fine. Is there a solution to this problem without having to purchase Final Cut Pro from Apple?

— DS

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    10/31/09 @ 1:47 pm

    You should have gotten the serial number when you purchased the machine. Id you didn’t, then you really don’t own that software. Hope you didn’t pay extra for it. There’s nothing to do but pay up — not really fair that other FCP users pay for the software and you don’t, after all.

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