Forum Question: Turning “shuffle” off on my iPhone’s iPod?

just like it says, i would like 2 turn off “shuffle” on my iphones ipod. how do i acheive this?

— blunadro

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    2/8/10 @ 12:00 pm

    There is no “shuffle” setting. When you go to play a artist, album or playlist on the iPhone in the iPod app, you select the artist, album or playlist, then the first item at the top of the list is “Shuffle.” Select that to play all the songs in the list shuffled. Otherwise, select the first song to start playing in sequential order, or any song to start from a later one in the list.

      2/8/10 @ 12:02 pm

      i’ve tried that. it seems it wants 2 always shuffle

        2/8/10 @ 12:06 pm

        Try this, then. When you are playing a song, look for the shuffle icon on the screen. It is on the right side, just under the total time number. It looks like two arrows crossing each other. If it is blue, then it is shuffling the songs, if it is white, then it is playing them in order.

        2/8/10 @ 12:07 pm

        so my songs might not be in order in my playlist, therfore looks like its shuffling when its just playin the album in order?

          2/8/10 @ 12:10 pm

          Could be. Go into iTunes on your computer and look at the song info. There should be a “track number” for each song in the info. Make sure they are set to the right numbers so they play in order.

            2/8/10 @ 12:15 pm

            i appreciate it boss. so happy there’s people like you to help people like me out. used your podcast to fill in my attempt to fill in my artwork… rock!

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