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I’m new to this territory, so forgive my ignorance. I just ordered my wife an iPad 2 for Mother’s Day. She doesn’t have a computer, so we’ll be syncing it with my iTunes. I’m assuming this means her FaceTime will be working on my ID. I downloaded FaceTime for my MacBook. But if we’re both using the same ID, will we be able to call each other? Again, we’ve never used FaceTime, so we’re completely ignorant on this.

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    5/5/11 @ 12:30 pm

    Just because she syncs with your computer doesn’t mean she needs to use your Apple ID. You can create a different account and set that up on the iPad — probably should.
    What I would do is to set up a second user account on your Mac if you already haven’t. That would be her user account. Even if all she ever does with it is backup/sync/update her iPad, it will be worth it.
    Then just sync her iPad only after switching to her account. That will keep things nice and separate.

      5/5/11 @ 1:47 pm

      She’s been syncing with my iTunes using her 1st generation iPad. We were going to use the “restore from backup” option when setting up her new iPad 2. Can we still use her same backup if she changes the user ID on the iPad, or will she lose all her apps and bookmarks? Or does this affect nothing?

        5/5/11 @ 2:04 pm

        Not sure as I have never done exactly that. I would back up the old iPad. Then move the backup file to the appropriate place in the new user account. Then try to restore from that backup to the new iPad. You’ve got nothing to lose since the original backup and iPad 1 are still there for you to try something else.
        But if you have been syncing that way to an iPad 1 all along, then I would continue to do it with the iPad 2. Just then set up FaceTime with a new Apple ID.

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