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Two iPhones, one iMac

I currently have an iphone which I sync with my iMAC. My wife is also going to get an iphone. Can she also sync her iphone using my iMAC? Would she be able to download the music/movies that I already paid for using iTunes?

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    9 years ago

    Yes. I have several iPhones (my current one, and the older models) all synced to my one Mac. Each has its own name, settings, and set of items to sync. It is especially easy if you share a single iTunes account. Then they phones are basically just two phones owned by the same account, so all apps and purchased content can go to both phones.
    But that does get tricky with other things, as you will both also have the same Contacts, unless you organize your Address Book into groups and choose which ones to sync. You can choose to sync different Calendars. Safari bookmarks will have to be identical. So there are some compromises.

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