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Unable to Drag Clips In iMovie 11

I’m unable to drag and drop clips in my project browser or event library…. i have to copy paste every clip in order to move the position of the clip.. which is fine… but when it comes to cutaway clips I’m just unable to do it since we have to drag and drop clips for cutaway…. if u could help me with it would be great.

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    12 years ago

    Dragging clips from your event library to your project is critical in using iMovie. I would concentrate on that before doing anything else.
    Not sure why it isn't working for you. I would watch some of my recent iMovie videos to see how it works. Maybe it is something simple that you are doing (or not doing)?
    You basically just click on a clip in the event library and it will highlight with a yellow border. Then click it again and drag it to the project area and drop it in place.

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