Forum Question: Unified contacts on iPhone

What to do about the recently introduced ‘unified’ thing in Contacts? At first I seem to miss some of the contactinfo to find out it is ‘hidden’ behind an ‘iPhone’ or ‘Unified’ tab at the bottom of my contactinfo. I want all my contactinfo on one page and one page only. Anyone who can help me out or do I just have to deal wit a ‘good idea’ from Apple?

Thnx ahead

— Rene

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    8/12/10 @ 6:18 am

    I’m not really sure what you mean. When I go to the Contacts app on the iPhone, I see all my contacts. I can press the groups button, and I see the groups I have created, plus a “All Contacts” item at the top. I tap that to go back to viewing all my contacts in one list.
    But it sounds like you are seeing something different.

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