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Unsure about Lion

Gary, I am still new to the world of Mac. I switched from years of PC to a MacBook Pro about 9 months ago and love Snow Leopard. Now Lion is here and having lived though Vista I am leery. I have read the reviews, some sound great and some are doom and gloom.
My MacBook Pro has a 2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo and 4 Gig of ram.
Can you help?
jody coker

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    10 years ago

    Well, you’ve go to decide, based on your needs and wants.
    Keep in mind that reviews shouldn’t just gig a thumbs up and thumbs down — they should point out what the reviewer likes and doesn’t like specifically. So look at those points and not the general mood of the article. Of those things mentioned, are they important to you? Does the point the reviewer makes about that item seem to be of benefit or a problem to you?
    Lion pretty much as everything that Snow Leopard had, so it is really additional functionality. Some changes, though too.
    Myself, I can’t see the point to using old versions of things. Lion is 2 steps forward and maybe a tenth of a step back. It isn’t perfect, but worth it.
    Don’t base your decision on upgrading from XP to Vista. This isn’t like that. Apple continues to build OS X and move forward, this isn’t a redesign like Vista felt like.

      jac mills
      10 years ago

      Great reply, Gary, so true and right on the money!!!

    Jody Coker
    10 years ago

    I downloaded Lion and installed it without a hitch and I really like the feel of it. Thanks I guess all I needed was a bit of a nudge.
    Thanks again

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