Forum Question: updating i-tunes library that is on an external drive

Hi Gary,
I copied my itunes library from my macbook to an external drive. I now use this external drive attched to my imac which uses this as its i-tunes library, adding tv shows downloaded from eye tv etc.
All good so far.
I am still adding music to my macbook i-tunes library.
What i want to know is, how i add all the extra music i have got since i originally tranferred my library from my macbook to the external drive attched to my imac?
If i hook up drive to my macbook will it copy the whole library again?, or will it recognise whats already there and just copy over the new stuff?
Also, will it keep what has been added from the imac?
Hope this makes sense.
Thank you,

— Dash06

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    5/2/10 @ 8:45 am

    So you made a copy of your iTunes library on an external drive, but younare still using your internal drive as you real itunes library. Correct?
    If so, what is the purpose of the external copy? A backup?
    If so, then why not use Time Machine instead? That would keep your whole drive backed up, not just your iTunes library. And it will update for you automatically. Otherwise, you will have to copy new files manually to this second copy of your iTunes library.

      5/3/10 @ 9:59 am

      yeah thats pretty much it.
      the idea was to have a copy of my itunes library at home to use with my imac whilst saving space on my imac drive for other stuff.
      I have backed up my whole macbook onto another drive with time machine as well. As i use the music on my macbook a lot for work i need to keep it all on my macbook and often add things to that while am out. I
      want to easily update that to my home library without trying to remember all the new stuff and/or have it just copy my entire library over again so i don’t have duplicates of 80% of my library on my home itunes drive.
      I think you have answered my question.
      It seems like i have to find all the new stuff on my macbook and transfer it manually…?
      Thank you,

        5/3/10 @ 10:07 am

        Yes. Or, simply leave it all on your MacBook. Then access via sharing on your iMac while at home.
        The new (but finicky) Home Sharing option in iTunes might be something to look into as well. You might be able to copy your whole iTunes library over to the iMac using Home Sharing, and it may be smart enough to only copy things that are new. I haven’t tried it.

    5/3/10 @ 10:24 am

    thank you.
    might just try that

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