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Upgrade OS 10.9.5

Gary, what OS upgrade could I put in an older Mac Book Pro safely? I am using Mavericknow. Spects are: 200 GB free SATA Disk, 4GB memory, 2.4Ghz Inter Core 2 Duo.
Current OS: 10.9.5
My second question is where would I find the upgrade, if in fact this feasible?
Thank You, Ken

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    2 years ago

    You left out the only piece of information that matters. Which MacBook Pro do you have? The spec don’t matter, it is the model. Go to Apple Menu, About this Mac and look below the version line and above the processor one. Will be something like MacBook Pro (Early/Late 20XX).

    But you can also look it up here:
    Max Supported Version of Mac OS X .

    Or here: .

    Then you most likely get the update from the Mac App Store. Have you simply checked there?

    2 years ago

    Gary, My Macbook Pro is Mid 2010. Reading the chart you referenced, It looks like I could possibly upgrade to High Sierra. Will check out the App store for the upgrade. Any further comments?
    Thanks, Ken

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