Forum Question: Upgrading from Tiger to Lion

Is there any way to upgrade directly from Tiger to the new Lion OS when it debuts? Do I have to purchase Snow Leopard first, then purchase Lion on top of that… would rather just go from Tiger direct to Lion as was purposely waiting for the new OS to avoid double the cost.
Lenore S.

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    6/7/11 @ 7:14 pm

    You’ll have a long way to go. You need to get to Leopard, then Snow Leopard, then Lion.
    But check first to make sure you can even upgrade. Very few machines that were originally Tiger can be upgraded to Snow Leopard, and probably fewer to Lion.
    Both Snow Leopard and Lion require Intel Processors. And Lion rules out some of the earliest Intel processors.
    In other words: it may be time to get a new Mac.

      Lenore S.
      6/9/11 @ 4:19 pm

      NOOOOooooooooooOOOOooo! Really? Hmm… that is disappointing, but will probably use it til I lose it as they are just too pricey to replace. Thank you for the info, regardless!

      Michael A.
      6/30/11 @ 2:37 pm

      You’re quite right about the odds of a machine running Tiger being capable of running Lion, but I’m quite sure you can skip Leopard in your upgrade path. To honor your side of the Snow Leopard EULA you should buy a copy of Leopard, but there’s no need for the extra install step.

      Shirley A
      1/4/12 @ 8:57 pm

      Is it also true then that You would not be able to upgrade to a point where you could use an ipad?

        1/4/12 @ 9:26 pm

        You don’t need any computer to be able to use an iPad. But older Macs may not be capable of running a recent enough version of iTunes to be able to sync with an iPad.

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