Forum Question: Upgrading to iPhoto 11 from iPhoto 09

Apple forums indicate a significant number of problems upgrading to iPhoto 11, problems as serious as all albums missing, or the library gone.
What are the odds of this happening to anyone upgrading to ’11?
Are there any steps to make that would guarantee a perfect upgrade?
Roger Schlemmer

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    10/28/10 @ 3:31 pm

    I don’t really know how significant this is. Just how many people have reported it? A few, to be sure, but out of how many that upgraded?
    I upgraded two machines with neither of them having any problem at all. And one has more than 10,000 photos and hundreds of events, face, places, albums, etc.
    In the past, a few people with problems have made a lot of noise on the Apple forums. I’m sure they have all had problems, and I hope Apple fixes it. But I’d be surprised if the actual number was more than 1%.
    But as for an actual number, it is impossible for me to say.
    Here is all you need to do: Backup (your should be doing that anyway). Then upgrade. In the unlikely event that anything happens, you don’t need to worry because you have a backup.
    If you want, just copy your iPhoto library to another location or a Flash drive or something. Then if something goes wrong, it is super-easy to just drop it back in place.

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