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UPS Mac Integration

Hi Gary
I do feel you missed a whole chunk of info out of the UPS podcast. In particular that OSX can integrate with systems with USB and not only give the status of the UPS in the menu bar but also auto shut down when power is low. Surely this is the reason to have one UPS per computer?
The extra tab in the power settings that appears allows you to choose when this happens both in terms of time and % battery
The above info relates to APC systems with USB but there may be others as well. No extra driver needs installing – it just works!

— Crispin Hodges

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    10 years ago

    I haven’t come across a UPS that works with a Mac in this way. They’ve all had Windows software for years, but not Mac. In fact, they’ve only connected to old serial ports, not USB.
    But I haven’t bought a new one in a year or so, so maybe they are finally paying attention to the Mac market. And finally using USB?
    Which model of APC did you buy that works with your Mac like this? Share…

    Crispin Hodges
    10 years ago

    I have used various of the APC RS range. Of course my model gives out 230v so won’t do for the States!
    There was no need to install any extra software. Once the USB is plugged in an extra tab shows in the power control panel. I use the settings that will shut the machine down when there is only 20% power left. I’ll send screen grabs if you like!

    10 years ago

    I purchased a UPS last year in May to go with my March 2009 purchased iMac. While it included that sort of monitoring software it was, as you state Gary, only for Windows.

    I was rather annoyed to be frank.

    Crispin Hodges
    10 years ago

    OK I have taken screen grabs of A) My top bar with UPS connected
    B) The power save extra tab C) The shutdown options. see links below.

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