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USB 3 external hard drive to USB 2 Mac

Is it possible to hook a USB 3 external hard drive to a USB 2 Mac mini (Intel Core duo, 2.66 GH) running OS 10.5.8? How?
Andy Suhaka

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    10 years ago

    Does the USB 3 drive also support USB 2? I think they all do. But check. If it does, then it would simply hook up as a USB 2 drive.

    Mr Anthony Cotton
    8 years ago

    I have a WD Book, and an external WD hard drive My Passport,and it says on the box USB 3.0+USB 2.0.It`s got a yellow sticker saying now with USB 3.0.
    I have no USB 3.0 ports they are all USB 2.0.
    It only has the one cable USB 2.0 so i am presuming i would have to buy a cable with USB 3.0. Would you say it`s a cable issue Gary.

      8 years ago

      No. Cable makes no difference. If you have a Mac that has USB 2, it will use this drive at USB 2 speed. If you have a Mac that has USB 3 (only the very latest) then it will use the same drive at USB 3 speed. The drive can do either, but your Mac can only do USB 2, so that’s what it will use.

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