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Use Both Apple and Google Photos?

How do I use both Apple and Google Photos for my images and videos? I use the free version of Google Photos for all my Images. However, if I save all my 4K videos in Google they will start charging me, as 4K is not free.
So what I’d like to do is save my 4K to Apple Photos and all my Photos and videos shot at 1080p in Google Photos. Can you help on how I go about making sure they are copied to the correct program?

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    2 years ago

    It would just be a matter of putting them into one or the other. Nothing more, really. Just don’t add your 4K videos to Google and so add them to the Photos app.

    So I assume you mean Google Photos (the cloud service) vs Photos (the app, but not iCloud)? Is that right! In that case why store them anywhere. Just have them as files in a folder. 4K videos are huge, so you probably only have a few of these right? Seems a waste to have a Photos library that is just a few 4K videos. What’s wrong with just having them as files?

    2 years ago

    Thanks Gary. You can tell I’m not fully up to modern tech (age 70). I worried my 4K videos when downloading from camcorder would automatically go to Google Photos. I think I understand it now. I have a 6 TB Thunderbolt 3 external HD I can save all my 4K. I have 3 grandchildren 1 yr to 4 yr old. I’m always taking videos) Just thought if I’m away from my Mac I can show friends the videos of them. Thanks so much. Your fantastic and I’m so glad to be signed up to Macmost.

    2 years ago

    Steven: In that case, what you may want to do is to save the 4K videos to a folder to archive those originals. Then open them in QuickTime Player (just double-click and it should be automatic) and export 1080p versions. Then add those to Google Photos. Then you have those versions to view with your other photos and videos, and the 4K originals in a nice archive.

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