Forum Question: Use Mini Server to replace Apple TV, MobileMe, and host website?

If I bought the Mac Mini Server hook it up to my TV could it replace the functionality of Apple TV including Netflix? I believe the Mini could replace the service offered by MobileMe (especially now that Find My iPhone is free) and host websites. What’s the downside of using my Mini for this? If the power goes out and I input an iCal event on my iPhone would the iPhone know to keep sending the event until the Mini had power again. Similarly, if events, contacts, etc. reach the Mini and is about sync (send out) to other devices but power goes out, would the Mini know to re-sync once power comes back on to the Mini?
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    11/24/10 @ 9:48 pm

    I believe all the syncing would work fine. One problem is connectivity. You say you want to host web sites. That is as much about the connection as the server. A web host have pretty intricate connectivity — lots of bandwidth, network switches, power backup multiple lines, etc. Does your location have that sort of thing?
    And considering how cheap it is to host professionally, it seems that buying a whole mini doesn’t make sense. MobileMe for $70/year plus a web host for $100 and you have a better deal. Even add an Apple TV for $99 for netflix.

    11/25/10 @ 3:41 am

    Hmmm, if Mini Server stays operational for 5.5 years I would break even, but much less hassles with connectivity using a pro web host.

    My other motivation is that MobileMe calendar sync has been utterly unreliable for me and I have spent too many hours correcting their bugs. They suggested updating to their new cal, lost data, so they had me downgrade . . . plus numerous past issues. If Snow Leopard Server’s Calendar sync’s more reliably that would be a HUGE plus.

      11/25/10 @ 7:50 am

      5.5 years is a very long time for a server. Today, I would never run a server that was built in 2006. Would you really want to be running a 2010 mini as a server in 2016?
      As for hassles, that’s the main reason to go with a web host. Running your own server with your own connection is a huge hassle. I’ve done both. Try going on vacation (or even out to dinner) knowing you are the only support for your server. Even if the mini is perfect, the connection won’t be.
      I’ve never used a SL Server to sync calendars. But I’ve never had a problem with MobileMe either.

    11/26/10 @ 5:10 am

    I have had several problems with MobileMe calendar sync especially with re-occurring events and all-day events. I wonder if I should back-up my calendars, then delete them all and start over. That would clear away any corrupted data, correct?

    Have you updated to new MobileMe CalDAV calendar?

      11/26/10 @ 5:37 am

      Not sure. Might be worth a try. I haven’t tried the new calendar setup yet.

    12/14/10 @ 10:15 pm

    I am enjoying using SLS and was able to pickup a copy for $140 on ebay. It works great for calendar and address book as well as reliable network drive time machine back ups wirelessly, signing into any computer in my house with managed home accounts (important with 3 tech savvy boys), etc. I haven’t played with mail or serving a website though which are probably two of the things you have to worry most about in terms of down time. Speaking of downtime, if I played with the mail server and my computer went down, would the mail that was missed come in once it was booted back up? Or would the mail received during downtime disappear?

      12/14/10 @ 10:36 pm

      Not sure. It might bounce back to the sender. I wouldn’t use a home server to host an actual email service. Hosted servers, even free ones like Gmail, have backups, alternative power sources, multiple connections, etc.

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