Forum Question: Using 1Password to log from different computers?

Hi Gary
I heard about the benefits of 1password, but one question stops me from committing to it. I use different computers, so what happens if I want to log on somewhere from a different computer than the one I have my 1password installed on? In other words, how can I remember all those random passwords if I am on a different machine?

Is there some “cloud-storage” for my passwords I can access from anywhere? If not, what is the solution here?
Many thanks in advance!
Pschemek from Germany

— Pschemek

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    3/15/10 @ 3:58 pm

    Yes. You can use a service like DropBox to store your 1Password file. That’s what many people do. Or, you can use the “1PasswordAnywhere” feature to get a password from your database even if you are not on one of your computers. Look it up on their site.

      3/15/10 @ 4:33 pm

      Fantastic -thanks! My only additional wish would be to have the auto-fill function work anywhere as well – maybe that’s asking too much :)

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