Forum Question: Using AirDisk to sync folders on multiple computers – possible?

I’m wondering if if there is a way to use AirDisk to sync large folders, (like those containing music, video or photos) between computers, using AirDisk in a manner similar to how DropBox works, but internal to the home network and without the monthly fees. I don’t want to off-load the files, I just want to sync them.
Any thoughts?
Jerry G.

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    1/7/11 @ 10:21 am

    AirDisk is simply a drive connected to your Airport Extreme base station. You can certainly use it to share files. But syncing is something different. Why not just let the files “live” on the drive?
    A lot of people say they want to “sync” files between Macs, but there are logistical problems in syncing files. Keeping two sets of files in sync is a big job for two computers. They need to always be one and checking each other. Large files slow down your network. What if you take the MacBook out of the house? Away from a connection?
    There is no guarantee that the files will always be in sync. For instance, if you update a file on your MacBook and then close it, it may not have had time to sync. So then you start editing the file on your iMac, not realizing it isn’t the most recent one. Now you have two versions of the file. How to resolve? What if that isn’t a single file but a multi-file project, like an iMovie project? Big trouble…
    If you just want to have a music collection available to multiple Macs, then why not store it on the AirDisk. Or, store it on the always-on desktop Mac, and share it with the others Macs? What’s how I do it. Saves on having to have two copies of everything, too.

      Jerry G
      1/7/11 @ 10:42 am

      Good comments Gary. In researching this topic before posting I noticed complaints about iTunes performance when the library is stored only on the AirDisk and not locally. I know that syncing is a big job and that the results can be less than ideal. (I’ve had conflicts arise with DropBox and resolving them is a pain. Still, I love the DropBox concept when I don’t mess up and and have files open on multiple machines at the same time.) Could there be a semi-automatic solution, perhaps involving Automator and some human intelligence about when to update?

        1/7/11 @ 10:46 am

        There are some third-party programs that let you sync two folders. You can run one of these soon after you have added more music or video to the collection. Seems like trading one set of problems for another, though.
        I’ve done pretty well with my music and video collection on my main desktop and then accessing it as a shared iTunes library on others in the house. WHy not try that, at least before you try duplicating your whole collection?

          Jerry G
          1/7/11 @ 11:39 am


          You’ve given me a lot to think about. Thanks for you help.


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