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Using Conditional Formatting In Numbers

I am using numbers 09. I have two columns with dates in them. They are named date issued and expected completion date. The first column on the left is date issued where I insert a date the next column I use the formula =EDATE(F5,3)this gives me a date in 3 months time,this work fine.
What I would like to do is (I think it conditional formatting)
once the date in the expected completion column has passed I would like it to highlight or changes colour. I cant get it to work and yes it could be just me.
Thanks Gary keep up the good work, as a new Mac/iPad user you video tutorials have been sooooooo helpful.
Troy De Laine

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    7 years ago

    Yes, you can do that with Condition Formatting.
    First, watch this video to get the basics:
    Now, to do what you want, you’d need to use the “with dates” conditional formatting option. Set it to “before 0 days from now” and that’s logically the equivalent to “has passed” if you think about it.

      7 years ago

      Thank you. I have it working now.

      If I copy and Paste the formula and rule to the rest of the column below with no dates in the left hand side, numbers puts in a date of its own is there any way to not have this displayed but still have the formula and rule in place.

      Thanks again Troy

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