Forum Question: Using numbers to create credit and deficit columns

I am new to numbers (IW9) I would like to have two or more columns, although two could do for the time being. One will show income and the other debit. The income will generate more rows. What I wish to do is have the credit total reflect the income as each transaction is made. Every time a debit is made in a separate column it automatically reduces the credit column. Suggestion gratefully accepted
Gordon Joyner

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    10/6/11 @ 10:19 pm

    That can all be done with simple formulas. But it is hard to explain in a short comment here. And it depends on exactly how you want it set up.
    You could have a third column that totals it up.
    For instance if A is the income column and B is the debt column, then C would be the running total. C1 has the starting balance, say 0.
    A2 has a income of $100 and B2 is empty. C2 has the formula =C1+A2-B2. So it equals $100.
    A3 is empty and B3 shows a debit of $25. C3 would be =C2+A3-B3, which would be $75.
    And so on.
    I’d maybe get a basic book on creating spreadsheets as you’ll not only learn how to do this, but also other things that may come in handy.

    Gordon Joyner
    10/7/11 @ 10:41 pm

    Thanks Gary. All sorted (am promoting your site to the Mac users I know :-) (great work and many thanks)

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